Social Protection Programme

As an organization that promotes equity and in an effort to reduce lifelong consequences of poverty and exclusion, WAPCCO through support from like-minded partners and donors will advocate for the rights of target communities and support protection of vulnerable populations. We will work towards preventing violence and reduce risk exposure for vulnerable groups by supporting and even providing child protection services, gender-based violence protection and prevention services as well as legal assistance.

Additionally, to improve dignity and ability to respond to livelihood shocks, we will endeavour to provide a Cash Transfer Programme targeting Persons Living with Disabilities, the Elderly, Orphans and Vulnerable Children as well as a Hunger Safety Net Cash Transfer.

The main objective of the programme will be to safeguard communities to live in dignity and exploit their abilities for their own social and economic development. The social protection programmes will cover both cash and in-kind support. They will be classified as appropriate under: Cash Transfers, Food Distribution, School-Based Feeding Programmes, Social Health Insurance and Retirement Benefits.