Food security and agriculture

Over the years, patriarchal political and social structures, customary systems, environmental disasters and intermittent resource conflicts have impeded attainment of gender equity and social inclusion. Such inequality and exclusion have continued to worsen for women, the youth and other marginalized and excluded groups.

To effectively alleviate traditionally marginalized groups (TMGs), WAPCCO is committed to partner with all other programmes, governments and donors to support positive change.This will increase participatory governance and build capacities of TMGs to achieving social and economic inclusion as well as encouraging and improving participation and representation in political processes and decision-making.

Correspondingly, WAPCCO will provide Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG) services to support high school students to achieve their full potential in their careers of choice by making informed decisions. WAPCCO aims to set up youth innovation centers in each of the target counties in Somalia as one-stop centers to access services for the youth, to complement government-led programs.

Beyond school, we will provide accurate and impartial information, advice and guidance to high school graduates about different courses and qualifications needed.

In addition, WAPCCO will bring together young people to build and/or upscale their skills in entrepreneurship, leadership, basic ICT and environmental conservation. WAPCCO will offer training opportunities for the youth and women on agribusiness, tailoring, and other vocational technical skills to provide them with a source of employment.

Most importantly, to lower barriers towards access to quality education, WAPCCO will provide bursaries and scholarships to needy and bright students in secondary schools, colleges and universities.