Democracy, Governance & Human Rights

WAPCCO works to enhance democracy, human rights and governance essential for sustainable socioeconomic development. Democratic governance and human rights are critical components of sustainable development and lasting peace in Somalia

We focus on:

  • Democratic Governance– Building open, responsive, and accountable institutions and processes that serve the needs and preferences of the public.
  • Participation and Inclusion– Ensuring that all have the opportunity to participate and have a voice in how they will be governed. This includes the youth, persons with disabilities, the minorities, the IDPs, the pastoralists, the returnees, the persons in the arid and semi-arid regions of Somalia, the women and girls.
  • Free and Fair Elections, Transparency, and Accountability– Promoting free, transparent, and fair political competition so that citizens’ preferences are represented.
  • Civil Society and Independent Media– Defending and promoting citizens’ civic and political rights.
  • Justice and Security– strengthening justice and security institutions, justice and security reforms, holding institutions and people accountable to the rule of law, and providing access to justice mechanisms.
  • Human Rights and Nondiscrimination– Supporting efforts to prevent human rights abuses, protect human rights defenders, and respond to human rights abuses.
  • Countering Resurgent Authoritarian Influence– Strengthening democratic and institutional resilience to tackle malign authoritarian influence, disinformation and digital authoritarianism.
  • Countering extremism: WAPCCO understands that Somalia has the good fortune to have a dynamic civil-society sector that is committed to countering and resisting the efforts of those engaged in terrorism and violent extremism. It is essential, however, that any strategy to counter terrorism be anchored in mutual respect and trust between the Government and civil society. The United Nations has declared that terrorism will not be defeated by military force, law enforcement measures, and intelligence operations alone but through a comprehensive approach that is based on trust and cooperation between the government and the communities it serves is the best way forward to succeed in this field. WAPCCO addresses counter-extremism through faith and community-based approach.

This will be the think tank arm of the WAPCCO, which will provide local solutions to various challenges through policy, issues or ideas. We will tailor solutions to emerging issues on social, economic and political developments by engaging key leaders. Using our advisory skills, we will provide expert advice to county governments on public expenditure management, external resource mobilization, strengthening revenue collection and implementation of effective and efficient policies towards good governance.

We will provide training and education to women, youth, and persons with disability by building their capacities to engage with the county leaders in strengthening county governance processes. We will provide innovative and accessible methods for the public to participate in the governance, leadership, and decision-making processes of their affairs through civic education and public participation.