Women Aid , Peace & Climate Change Organization.

Our Core Values : Equity Diversity and Inclusion Social Accountability Independence

Get to know us

WOMEN AID, PEACE AND CLIMATE CHANGE ORGANIZATION (WAPCCO) is a leading Somalian, Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in 2022 as a full-fledge National NGO.

A one-stop shop providing a wide range of sustainable solutions to complex challenges commonly faced by communities especially focusing on Women and Girls within humanitarian, human rights and development perspectives. Our strategy is pegged on the “think globally and act locally” mantra.

Our Vision

Act as change agents to promote a resilient and prosperous but historically underserved society. We envisage a world where communities manage their environment in a sustainable and healthy manner and where equal opportunities exist for all people in the use of natural resources and Indigenous Knowledge

Our Mission

WAPCCO mission is to identify, promote and develop viable and sustainable projects and programs in critically vulnerable communities in Somalia focusing on Women and Girls while addressing humanitarian and development cross-cutting issues such as age, environment, climate, human rights, sustainability, accountability to affected populations, disability, peace and conflict mitigations.

What we do

We foster equality, dignity and a more just society

We treat everyone with dignity and fairness in line with our core values.

We hold ourselves accountable to our partners, donors, and beneficiaries, take responsibility for our actions and uphold integrity in our work.

We are a non-profit and non-partisan organization free from any influence from a particular entity or government

Our Partners

WAPCCO is calling upon Partners and Donors in complementing its mission, vision and objectives.